CONFIDENTIAL: Congratulations Message for The Citadel

Please remember that our ranking is confidential and embargoed until Monday, September 14, 2020.

Thank you for recording a video message congratulating The Citadel on being the US News & World Report #1 Top College in the South for 10 consecutive years!

Your support means the word to us! Please submit your video using these instructions by Wed., September 9. We will release a compilation video featuring all of our congratulators on Sept. 14.

To record a video on our platform:

1. Access this form from a device supporting video recording like a smartphone, iPad or laptop.
2. Click on "record from camera" below.
3. Grant your device “permission” to access your camera and microphone if that prompt appears.
4. The video recording module will count down from 5, then begin recording. A red blinking dot will appear in the top right corner when the recording begins.
5. When finished, click the screen to end the recording.
6. Next click on one of these options: accept, review, or re-record. You must "accept" to submit the video correctly.
7. Click "submit your video message" to complete your submission.

If you record a message directly on your device instead:

1. Click on "upload a video file" below.
2. Locate your file and upload it. A progress bar will appear to indicate that your video is uploading.
3. Click "submit your video message" to complete your submission.

What to include in your video

Keep your message short and impactful, 1 – 3 sentences. Please include:
- Your name and title (Hi, I’m X and I am X)
- Congratulate The Citadel for ten consecutive years of being ranked the #1 Public College in the South
- Any additional personal words you would like to include.

Technical support

If you have any trouble with the video submission process please contact Stanton Adams at [email protected] or (843) 953-3716.

I agree to the terms of service.