Thriver Stories

Thank you so much for sharing your story!
Just like Jon McMahon shared his vulnerable story and inspired so many, YOUR story will inspire people too.

You can share your story by video (recommended), or with text and abefore/after photo, or only text. (If you have more than one photo to share, please email to [email protected])

SUGGESTED QUESTIONS to answer in your video:
1 - Before you started your journey of transformation, how was your health (diabetes, obesity, etc.)?
2 - What happened to inspire you to change? (did you watch iThrive? were you inspired by Jon McMahon's transformation, etc.)?
3 - When you first saw iThrive did you think it was really possible to reverse diabetes & obesity with diet?
4 - Describe your breakthrough and transformations! (What have been your results physically and emotionally)
5 - What is your new outlook on life? What is now possible for you that wasn't before?
6 - What would you say to someone thinking of watching the iThrive series?

1 - Make your story personal. Feel free to share your personal feelings, fears, dreams, struggles. That's what people can relate to.
2 - Make sure you have good lighting -- especially make sure your eyes are clearly seen
3 - Make sure you have a good microphone and no background noise
4 - Relax and just share your story authentically. Your story will TOUCH SOMEBODY and change lives. Thank you!!!

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