Share Your Pup's Story!

We're so happy that PetHonesty has worked for YOUR pup but there are thousands of people out there whose dog's are still suffering and who haven't heard about or tried it out yet!

We want to change that.

To spread the word about the success so many pups are having we want our current customers to share why YOU love PetHonesty, and why you’d recommend it to anyone’s pup that is suffering.

If you and your pup have loved PetHonesty just whip out your smartphone and film a short 30-60 second video clip of you and your dog. All you have to do is cover the below points

1. What was your dog's condition/suffering like before PetHonesty?

2. How did this suffering/condition affect you and your pup?

3. At what point did you realize it was working?

4. What is your dog like now after seeing results with PetHonesty?

Just submit your short homemade video here and your dog could be featured on our website, social media and more!

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